Bringing all the tools from CEX to your every day DEX life.

But wait, there is more! You can set up your top limits to be continously sold and even leave some moonbags in your wallet.

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Why choose ESWAP?

Swapping is a brand that uses the ESWAP

token as its utility token, our goal is to create most innovative platforms and tools for our community. We currently support BSC, Fantom,, Polygon ( Matic ) , KCC and ETH more networks to come very soon! ​

Currently we offer a Limit order trading bot, it’s working on the Binance Smart Chain for an exchange which is PancakeSwap and Fantom with SushiSwap. Limit order bot checks the smart contracts on BSC/Fantom/KCC/Matic/Eth in realtime monitoring for the most up to date price.

We also offer a free price tracker for everyone to use.

How To Buy Our Tokens
Total Supply
Circulating Supply
Project protocol:
ESWAP Token Contract Address:
New Contract

The following address is for the ESWAP token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. 


eSwapping app relays data directly from the blockchain, real-time data from the most accurrate source.

Auto Trading
Setup your trading ranges and let the trades happen for you.
Customise token lists, trades and advanced tools to suit your trading needs.
MultiPlatform Multi-Chain
Works on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
BSC ETH Kucoin Fantom
Matic More soon...

Road Map 2021

eSwapping Limit Order Bot
Automate your trades on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom

HOLD 100 ESWAP for BASIC (One token trading) 

HOLD 300 ESWAP for PRO (Unlimited tokens trading on one chain) 

HOLD 500  for ELITE (Unlimited tokens trading simultaneously on all the supported networks)


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